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SippySoft’s VoIP-based Callshop solutions are attractive to customers for their low entry cost (no need for significant additional investment) and great flexibility. Internet Café/Callshop owners can offer users prepaid and/or post paid calling, as well as issue their own calling cards.

  • Callshops currently working with old circuit switch technologies who are aiming to reduce their costs and upgrade their systems
  • Internet cafés looking to increase their range of services and bring in more customers
  • International universities where students frequently call home/abroad
  • ITSPs/carriers interested in providing outsourced/hosted services for Internet Cafes/Callshops

Interface Features

  1. Fully customisable layout (using css files under customers template folder)
  2. Block / Unlock Booths
  3. Override credit limit for the booths
    • Reset credit limit to default after payment
    • Default credit can be defined per call shop
  4. View
  5. Active calls
  6. CLD
  7. Destination
  8. Duration
  9. Balance
  10. Credit limit
  11. Total calls
  12. Call history (CDR)
  13. CLD, country, City, Date, Time, Duration, Call Cost, Total Cost
  14. Brand logo per shop
  15. Brand footer per shop

There are two types of users that can access this module.

- Has access to shows owned.
- Can Select Which Shop to operate.
- Has access to regular customer functionality provided below.

- View Booths o View Current Destination o View Current Destination Country o View Booth Balance o View Booth Credit Limit o View Total Calls so far o View Current Call Duration - View Booth CDRs from the session start time for that booth. o View call history for current customer o Print receipt - Manage Booths o Start o Stop o Pay o Edit credit limit

  • Booth (Account) is blocked.
  • Credit limit can be modified.
  • Next Mode is In Use
  • Background colour is set by “Idle” class from CallShop.css

  • Booth (Account) is unblocked
  • Credit limit is set to the value entered in previous mode
  • CDR button is available
    • CDR Records will only contain data from the time booth is unlocked.
    • CDR will only show the calls that are completed. If there is an on-going call, this will not be included in the CDR.
    • Background colour is set by “InUse” class from CallShop.css
    • The customer can make calls as long as credit limit is not reached.

This is a special mode that applies to In Use. If there is an active call, the background will change.

  • Background colour is set by “ActiveCall” class from CallShop.css
  • CDR is enabled.
  • The booth is blocked.
  • Current balance is displayed.
  • CDR is enabled.
  • CDR shows all calls made wince the booth was activated.
  • Receipt can be printed.

The main revenue stream for Internet Café/Callshop owners comes from calls generated in phone booths or via clients installed on PCs. Here is a step-by-step scenario:

  • An Internet Café/Callshop customer enters a phone booth and places a call by dialling the destination number directly.
  • Alternatively, the call can be placed using a softphone client installed on a PC.
  • SippySoft Billing 100 identifies the phone booth, keeps track of call details, and calculate the corresponding call charges. The software is monitored by the operator via a PC.
  • Upon call completion, the operator presents the caller with a bill for the call(s) he/she has made, according to the rates for each country called.

SippySoft’s VoIP-based Internet Café/Callshop solution includes (but is not limited to) the following main features:

  • An unlimited number of callshops may be operated using a single installation (Callshop chain model)
  • Call rates are flexible, and are predefined in the billing software (PortaBilling100) by the Internet Cafe/Callshop owner
  • Compatibility with most existing VoIP carriers (H323 or SIP)
  • Instant generation of CDRs per phone booth
  • Instant invoice generation per phone booth/call
  • Analysis tools and report generation by period, traffic/charges, VOIP carrier, destination country/city, revenues, and profitability
  • Fully compliant with the Visa security standard